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We Put Building Status At Your Fingertips

Our automated building control systems powered by BACNet open protocol put comprehensive system management in your hands. Our solutions can be scaled to upgrade existing buildings or design a system from scratch for new construction.

Our sophisticated and secure systems utilize network controllers for enterprise level, local, and remote access to:

◆ Temperature control systems  ◆ Ventilation systems ◆ Lighting
◆ Energy usage in electric, water, and other systems  ◆ Leak detection

At Scientific Building Automation we customize our solutions to your needs and complete the job on budget and on time. Final programming and fine tuning of systems is accomplished by our field teams in coordination with building managers and staff. All quality control testing is logged and all results are measured and stored. We can deliver bench-marked, turnkey systems that function as designed from day one.

The Importance of Reliable Equipment

When Scientific BA designs and installs your control network, only the best equipment and tools are used to ensure that our customers have a system built for long term use.

The oscilloscope integrated into the BACnet system discerns signal clarity as various system elements communicate. A good signal to noise ratio is essential to a properly functioning system.

◆ Time-Domain Reflectometer (TDR) locates and identifies faults in control circuits on any circuit board to quickly identify and isolate discontinuities.

◆ Torque screwdriver – a specialized tool that allows components to be tightened to a specific torque. Under or excessive tightening can damage screws and affect equipment performance and reliability.

◆ Ferrules are connectors used to terminate stranded control wires. These small objects are at the heart of any electronic system and must be properly and consistently installed to ensure effective circuitry.

◆ A crimping tool allows the consistent installation of ferrules by compressing wire strands into a solid wire for best conduction.